Services overview


The Church of Bolivia not only provides spiritual nourishment, but physical nourishment. The bakery operates within the church gates and serves as a source of income for members of the congregation who work there. The church bakers begin their workday at 7am, prepare the dough, and bake traditional Bolivian pastries which are sold to the public throughout the day.

Day Care Center

St. Abraam’s Day Care Center is located in the church neighbourhood. Although the daycare is very affordable, the church makes arrangements to subsidize children whose parents cannot cover the full cost. The children, aged 1 ½ to 5, receive love and care from the center, which is run by an American -qualified Bolivian educator. By the age of two, these children are potty-trained, and begin to use cutlery to eat on their own. The program’s focus is on the children’s nourishment, academics and hygiene.

Medical Center

The church operates a medical center which is located directly next to the church  compound. The center’s facilities offer medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and naturopathic services. The church heavily subsidizes the center as services are offered at a very low cost to the entire community.

Computer Lab

The church offers computer classes to children and youth during school vacations. Volunteers and Sunday School teachers also use the computers for preparing lessons and other related activities. The computers have English language learning programs installed and are often used to teach and improve the language skills of congregation members.


A quiet place to study, read or hold a Bible study, the library houses a collection of both spiritual and reference books in Spanish, English and French.

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