The visit of H.G. Bishop Botros and the Arrival of Tasony Youanna to Bolivia

On August 23, 2014, we were joyfull for the safe arrival of H.G. Bishop Botros and Tasoni Yohanna to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. During the short visit of H.G. Bishop Botros, H.G. visited all the churches and the villages of the Diocese of Bolivia. Also, the projects: the daycares, the clinic, the bakery, and the carpentry. In addition, H.G. Bishop Botros along with H.G. Bishop Youssef, baptized 21 people. In the meantime, Tasony Youanna had come to start her service in the Diocese of Bolivia. It was a blessed visit from H.G. Bishop Botros and we welcome Tasony Youanna with open arms.

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