He is Risen! Truly, He is Risen!

Saturday evening, the Easter liturgy we prayed wholeheartedly under the auspice of his Grace Bishop Youssef, as we were all eagerly awaiting and reliving the resurrection of our Lord. Under the shadow of His wings, the congregation of the cathedral “Santa Maria y San Marcos”, the church of San Miguel in the village of Paquió, Valle Sanchez’s congregation “Santa Maria y San Jose”, and our most recently joined parishioners of “San Philopateer y Santa Mejraíl” in Montero joined together as one body in Christ’s resurrection. We also were blessed by the gift of peace, as the Bolivian ambassador of Egypt his excellence Hisham Abl El-Wahab and the Consul Sherif Badrawy, attended the liturgy as well. After the liturgy, we all embraced the joy of the Lord’s resurrection through an agape, video of the Easter Papal Message, chorus, and, of course, pictures!

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