Juguemos a… Aprender, our new daycare in Remanzo!

Dear all,

As we previously announced a while ago, we are currently finalizing the construction of a new 2 stories daycare in an upscale neighborhood named Remanzo located around a 5 minutes drive away from church. This daycare will be our second, in addition to the existing one San Anba Abram. Interesting fact: The land where sits this new daycare was actually the first land the church acquired when H.G. Bishop Youssef first came to Bolivia and where our current Church was supposed to be built! It seems that God has other plans for this premium piece of virgin land and today over 12 years later it will host an upscale bilingual (English/Spanish) daycare with a American/Canadian curriculum and plenty of place for the kids to play. It will pretty much one of the nicest and biggest daycare in town! The building design/architecture and size is simply astonishing, setting a new standard in the country. It’s name “Juguemos a… Aprender” which literally means “Play to lean” reflects our philosophy of teaching the kids via fun, entertaining and educative games mixed with modern pedagogy techniques!

Stay tuned! More details to come very soon 😉

for your viewing pleasure, here are pictures of the construction as of today:

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