Housing for the poor in Valle Sanchez

Over those lasts few months we where busy building the first housing complex for the poor and the needy that includes 4 large apartments each with 2 large bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, 1 kitchen and a large living area. With the grace of God, this is only the first of many that we are planning to build on the large piece of land (21 000m2) we have acquired over a year ago in Valle Sanchez where we plan to house a “Coptic Village” with various amenities such as housing for the poor, a park and play area for the kids, chapel, retreat center and much more!

Those houses are provided to the needy and the poor at absolutely no charges whatsoever, in order to permit them to live in dignity and proper conditions.

Today we are happy to deliver the keys of the 4 first houses to 4 different families, we wish them all the best and we would like to sincerely thank H.G. Bishop Youssef for the great care toward the well being of the community.

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