118th Papal elections

Today is a historic day for Coptic Christians in Egypt and around the world. Just over 2400 representatives of the Copts will vote for the top three candidates towards choosing the 118th Pope of Alexandria. Let us all lift up our hearts in prayer that the Lord speaks in the heart of each voter to choose according to God’s will. May the Lord choose for us the good and wise shepherd who will guide the people of God in justice, righteousness and peace.

May we also remember on this day our holy father, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, that the Lord may repose his pure soul in the bosom of our holy fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We ask His Holiness to pray for the Coptic Orthodox Church and that the Lord may choose the suitable successor that will continue in his footsteps that were full of wisdom and brought joy to all.

Furthermore, CopticWorld.org brings you the live streams of CYC, CTV and Logos TV and complete coverage of the papal election. Tune in from now till the new Pope is chosen at: https://www.copticworld.org/articles/1349/

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