Departure from Bolivia of our Beloved Priest Abouna Hedra el Anba Boula

It is with sadness we announce today that Abouna Hedra Anba Paula will not be returning to Bolivia at this time. Per his request, he has chosen to return at Anba Paula’s monastery in Egypt.

On behalf of His Grace Bishop Youssef, Abouna Anthony, Abouna Yolios, the servants and the whole congregation, we would sincerely like to thank Abouna Hedra for all of his service, work, and love to our church here in Bolivia.

Abouna Hedra dedicated 5 years of his life to serve our congregation in Santa Cruz. We wish to thank him for all of the work he’s done here including taking care of many administrative aspects of running the church, giving the adult’s meeting, taking confessions, etc… Abouna Hedra was also active in ecumenical meetings in the community, helping share our faith with other branches of Christianity and other religions.

We are very grateful that Abouna Hedra was able to spend so much time with us here in Bolivia. We will truly miss his radiant smile, his genuine care for us, and the wisdom with which he helped guide many of our congregation members.

We pray that God blesses him for all of his service and continues to guide him as he resumes the monastic life at Anba Paula’s monastery.

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